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Roll Call


Journey with us on the Cop-PER Radio Network. Starting this September 2017 we will launch two very interesting programs:

  1. Leatherneck 7: USMC /  MARSOC / Marine Raider, reaching out to veterans for veterans. “Always Faithful, Always Forward”.
  2. LPolice Roll Call: discovering 17,985 law enforcement agenies in America, what they say and do…Exploring those challenges in the law enforcment field; on or off duty.

Be Gung Ho.. On iTunes.

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First blog post

Come Journey with us on Cop-PER Radio Network: Leatherneck 7 & LPolice Roll Call on iTunes.



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LPolice Roll Call

Take the journey while on patrol, just you and God. Believe me, You’ll need it now more than ever.

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